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27 Jun

Helping our clients comply with WHS legislation


A tedious, and often painful process in factory management, is ensuring the company is compliant with WHS legislation, and also The Food Safety Act of 1991 etc.

However painful this may be, being compliant also ensures saving time & money in the future. In food factories, the risk of contamination is extremely high; and almost the second a bacteria finds a home in a small pool of liquid, it breeds and spreads throughout the entire factory. In relation to WHS, there are so many oils, liquids and other food substances in food & beverage factories that create risks such as slippery & difficult-to-clean floors.

Investing wisely in a floor that is structured to slope to the drains (to prevent pooling liquids), has impeccable coving (no cracks that will attract bacteria), a non-slip and easy-to-clean finish, as well as other extras such as clear line-marking and effective drainage solutions, will ensure you save money in the future.

How? Rather than always finding the cheapest solution to pass the next audit, the leaders of the food & beverage industry today are going to the best flooring suppliers to get the best quality, long-lasting flooring solutions that ensure they are 100% compliant with WHS & Food Safety legislations. This saves the worry prior to audits, as well as money & time spent on shut-downs.


Safety Upgrade.


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