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26 Sep

How are we different?

There is one question we are frequently asked when starting with new customers. This is;

'Why should our company use your services to replace our current contractor/ How is Allied Finishes different?'

To answer this, Allied Finishes are the flooring specialists in the food & beverage industry which allows us to develop solutions to problems that are unique to this industry - this means we look after ALL issues on the food factory floor. Managing works which involve several different contracting companies is chaos for a Plant/Maintenance Manager. Therefore, we have widened our service to the food & beverage industry to ensure their maintenance or project works are a breeze.

Aside from resin coatings on the floor, we also supply & install:

  1. Any type of drainage
  2. Bunding & bund walls
  3. Any floor/path-marking / sectioning
  4. Stainless steel equipment such as knee-operated sinks, swing-over hobs etc

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