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28 Nov

Food Grade Coving


Food grade coving is an essential part of the factory floor within the food & beverage industry. Good quality coving ensures liquids do not leak under walls, are structured skillfully in a curved shape to ensure there are no areas for bacteria to breed and are non-slip. 


Bad coving means there are cracks and crevices for bacteria to breed, and for liquids to seep into. There are many risks associated with these, including cross-contamination within the factory. Breeding bacteria can initiate many food-borne illnesses such as salmonella.

In the below image of one of our recent projects, the application team have achieved a perfect result in  ensuring there is no joint between the floor and the coving to host bacteria. They have also delivered an even non-slip finish for the safety of workers & forklifts.

Food grade coving (4)

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