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08 Jan

Happy New Year!


To all our customers and suppliers, we wish you the very best for 2019! As our 2019 blast off, we are presenting our customers with our new 'Online Estimator' to solve a critical need for fast quoting in the food & beverage industry. Our development team have created this estimator which is an online form that reaches our estimating team upon seconds of completion. 

Once received, our team aims to complete the estimation and send it back to the customer within a few hours. We have set a maximum time to complete these urgent quotes which is 48 hours. This depends on the information given and the extent of the job.

Try it now by clicking on the below link. 

New Year

If you don't have any information on the job & have not analysed the floor yet yourself, use the below link to book a site visit with one of our experienced flooring consultants:

 Book a  Site Visit


Alternatively, contact us on 1800 033 444 for anything else.

All the best for the new year!


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