Christelle Imana Aug 25, 2020 2:27:03 PM 2 min read

Scheduling Projects During COVID-19

Impact of COVID-19 on capital projects & maintenance works

The impacts of coronavirus (COVID-19) have significantly tested the ability of Food & Beverage Manufacturers to effectively deliver projects and maintain the standard required to pass audits. Some projects and maintenance works adapted quickly and effectively, with managers being able to pivot to remote working, while others have had substantial delays or cancellations.

With Head Office frequently sending out 'New' and 'Updated' coronavirus rules & regulations, it can be very difficult for site & maintenance managers to keep a handle on all the works and projects they had planned. 

In the meantime, the works must be completed so that the never-ending audits will get the tick you're after.

So who's been successful in dealing with this?

  • Managers that are in frequent communication with their partners, discussing different methods of completing the projects satisfactorily. 
  • Managers that partner with flexible contractors - particularly ones with multiple teams around the states, so as to avoid being restricted onsite due to their location
  • Managers that liaise with businesses that are Covid Safe, and have a plan of action in place for dealing with the Health & Safety aspect of the virus, as well as the Financial side of it.

When confronted with uncertainty and the need to conserve cash, it is natural for organisations to place immediate halts on on-going maintenance and projects. However, there are areas where, more than ever, critical investment will be needed to help ensure the business can remain competitive in the new reality.

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