Megan Gillies Sep 3, 2019 5:06:16 PM 2 min read

Your floor, fully covered

What is the biggest problem, worry or pain point to getting an old floor repaired, or a new floor finished?

Answer: Paint Failure

1. Whose face will wear the egg?
2. Who will carry the can?
3. Where will the buck stop?

Meet Allied Finishes.

   -   We care (obviously, like everyone)
   -   Total Responsibility (like no other flooring company)
   -   Proper warranties (if the floor fails, we'll fix it)
   -   The buck stops here
   -   We carry the can
   -   We won't wear the eggs - no one will need to


Watch the video below to learn more, or view it as a pdf here


Your Floor - Fully Covered



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