Allied EasyCoat

Pass audits with an A+

EasyCoat is an 'aside' product to Allied Finishes' main service of providing & installing  epoxy flooring and drainage to the Food & Beverage industry. The primary purpose of this product is to touch-up small failing sections of floor in preparation for your next audit. 

Since realising the huge benefits of this product to maintenance managers, site managers and WHS managers, we've made EasyCoat available to order online. Simply click here to purchase your own 20L kit.

Why EasyCoat?

The key factors that makes EasyCoat stand out from any other repair kit are:

1)  Extremely safe for the applicator

2)  It is very easy to use (the mixing ration being 1:1 - eg. 1 litre Part A to 1 litre Part B)

3)  It is brush applied - no special tools needed

4)  Standard kit is provided in N35 light Grey, other colours can be requested after purchase

5)  Available in non-slip

6)  Environmentally friendly

7)  Water-based


For a full technical data sheet for this product, click here.