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For Flour Mills

Allied Tango

A lot of our customers, particularly in commercial bakeries & flour mills find that small substances (eg. flour) are easily caught in the grittiness of a standard non-slip floor, making it close to impossible to clean. 

We have the perfect solution for this; our dynamic coloured flake floor system uniquely known as 'Allied Tango'.

'Allied Tango' gives a seamless, hard wearing, decorative resin floor made up of synthetic coloured flakes encapsulated in durable Allied Finishes    floor resins. Various options to this system are available, answering to varying needs; The natural non-slip factor created by the flake can be altered for a more intense non-slip finish, or a smoother finish.

The standard process for this flooring system is as follows:

  • Removal or treatment of existing flooring
  • Patching of cracks etc
  • Grinding/ sanding
  • Joint sealing
  • Installation of heavy duty epoxy

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Allied Tango
Key Benefits of Standard Flooring
  • Hygienic
  • Chemical resistant
  • Non-Tainting
  • Easy to clean
  • Very Durable
  • Fast & No Hassle
  • Food Grade
We Can Also Add
  • Coving
  • Ink resistance (Anti-graffiti)
Suitable Applications
  • Flour Mills
  • Other Dry Food Processing
Standard Colours
Standard Slip Ratings
  • Smooth – no slip rating – no non-slip media. Suitable for: decorative floors, flour mills (more about this here).
  • Light – equivalent to an R9-R10 slip rating – light non-slip media. Suitable for: dry ramps/ slopes, entry foyers, dry warehouses.
  • Medium – equivalent to an R10-R11 slip rating – slightly heavier non-slip media. Suitable for most food factories, kitchens.
  • Heavy – equivalent to R11 to R12 slip rating – very coarse non-slip media. Suitable for very wet areas, abattoirs etc.
  • Very heavy – equivalent to R13 slip rating. Very large amount of coarse non-slip media. Suitable for freezers, coolrooms or other dangerously slippery areas.


What cleaners can I use on this floor?

We understand that floors and other surfaces in food factories need to be resistant to a wide range of chemicals and cleaners. Therefore, we would normally say that following basic testing, you should use the cleaner most suited to the product or material being cleaned off the floor.

Does flake give more roughness/ slip resistance to the floor?

Not necessarily, although the flake profile can be used as a type of non-slip media if a non-slip floor is required.