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For Heavily Damaged Floors

Overview of this package

Obviously, this system will vary depending on your needs. This is for very old floors, particularly food processing floors, where the concrete is rotten as well as the floor coating. This is quite an extensive process so does take some time. For more information or a quote,call us on 1800 033 444.

  • Concrete cutting
  • Concrete excavation
  • Installation of new drainage
  • Installation of new concrete flooring
  • Grinding
  • Chemical treatment
  • Triple coat of heavy-duty epoxy
  • Non-slip profile as required
Key Benefits of Standard Flooring
  • New, sound floor
  • Chemical resistant
  • Non-Tainting
  • Easy to clean
  • Very Durable
  • Long Lasting
  • Food Grade
  • Anti-Slip
We Can Also Add
  • Coving Repair
  • Line Marking
Suitable Applications
  • Old food processing factories
  • Pharmaceuticals – older factories
Standard Colours
Standard Slip Ratings
  • Smooth – no slip rating – no non-slip media. Suitable for: decorative floors, flour mills (more about this here).
  • Light – equivalent to an R9-R10 slip rating – light non-slip media. Suitable for: dry ramps/ slopes, entry foyers, dry warehouses.
  • Medium – equivalent to an R10-R11 slip rating – slightly heavier non-slip media. Suitable for most food factories, kitchens.
  • Heavy – equivalent to R11 to R12 slip rating – very coarse non-slip media. Suitable for very wet areas, abattoirs etc.
  • Very heavy – equivalent to R13 slip rating. Very large amount of coarse non-slip media. Suitable for freezers, coolrooms or other dangerously slippery areas.

What About These Extras?

Floors That Use This


How long will you have to wait for new concrete to cure before installing the epoxy flooring?

New concrete should be left 28 days prior to being coated with epoxy. In situations where time lag is an issue, we recommend using a high strength epoxy mortar instead of concrete as this can be overcoated within a day of being laid.

How do I know if my concrete needs to be excavated and re-poured in this way or if the standard system will be sufficient?

Our consultants will give you an honest assessment of your floor and give you a recommendation based on this.