Abattoirs & Meat Processing

Allied Finishes are the flooring specialists in the food & beverage industry. There are many different sectors within this industry, a large one being Abattoirs & Meat Processing. Working closely with our clients, we provide tailored solutions that are extremely durable, safe, compliant to Food Safety Regulations and delivered in a timely manner.

Being problem-solvers in this industry, Allied Finishes provide specialist advice on flooring and work out the best possible solution for each floor. Our floors are customised to fit the needs of the industry without compromising quality.

In our latest publication, we focus on challenges and solutions that our clients in this industry face on a daily basis.
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Our new 8-page booklet on flooring in Abattoirs & Meat Processing Facilities is helpful in outlining issues unique to this industry and what Allied Finishes can do to solve those issues. Covering hygiene, heavy traffic, easy-to-clean floors and so many other topics, we hope this booklet gives a little bit of insight to our detailed approach to finding the best flooring solution for your facility. 


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