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Large Pet Food Manufacturer


Create a flooring solution for one of the largest pet food companies in Australia.

WHAT WE DID Remove all existing flooring that was failing, and installed Allied Finishes standard flooring.
CLIENT Large Pet Food Manufacturer. This client has returned to Allied Finishes time and time again for flooring.
TIMELINE Our Operations team was given a short weekend to complete the required project works.


This project was completed for an existing client that has returned to Allied Finishes time and time again to solve their flooring issues. This project needed to be done in a very weekend so that production wasn't interrupted. Our central West NSW team had this project in hand for the weekend - from neat green lines to red, yellow and green sections, they had it sorted!

This project involved removing a significant amount of failing floor, preparing the base thoroughly, then application of our Allied Finishes standard flooring system. This system is only known to the Allied Finishes team, as it is a fast, safe system with significant benefits to the customer.

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  • There was a lot of equipment in the area that could not be removed so it meant the team had to take particular care around the machinery. 
  • The tight timeframe made this project particularly challenging, however the team knew the challenge they were in for, and put their best foot forward.


The client was very satisfied with the overall result. The new flooring has significantly improved the safety of the area 

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