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Flooring Specialists

Professionals. Specialists. Experts.


To reduce production downtime and deliver uptime by providing solutions that are reliable, safe and durable.


To be the first choice for maintenance and upgrade works in Australian food & beverage factories

Allied Finishes provides a range of flooring services for factories, mainly resin flooring and epoxy repairs, extending to joint sealing, concrete repair, coving, line marking, drainage, bunding, and similiar other services. We are focused on providing all-round flooring solutions that are fast, durable and safe. Food factories are our specialty, but we also provide flooring for automotive workshops, warehouses, and the public sector - schools, correctional centres etc. Have a look around our site to find out more or call us up on 1800 033 444.







Allied EasyCoat

EasyCoat is our much loved repair kit for customers in the food & beverage industry.

Due to its ease of use and safety for the applicator, we've noticed its increasing popularity in some of the leading food factories in Australia.

To receive a wet sample (500ml tin) to try it on your floor, click the following link and one of the team will be in touch ASAP:

Free EasyCoat Sample


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